Vocational Rehabilitation

voc-rehab-sideVocational rehabilitation assists someone with a health problem in staying at, or returning to work. SCV OT Consultancy provides a comprehensive rehabilitation service through vocational assessment, work place assessment and return to work planning.

SCV OT consultancy receives referrals from employers and employees wishing to participate in a vocational rehabilitation programme.

Following an initial vocational assessment, we will explore options to restore a person to their work either by facilitating their return to their regular position or a move to new employment, taking into consideration their abilities, skills and interests.

SCV OT will

  • Establish the employee’s understanding of his/her diagnosis, treatment plan and return to work goal.
  • Provide the employee and employer with pertinent information affecting vocational issues.
  • Develop recommendations and discuss these recommendations with all appropriate parties
  • Demonstrate positive and proactive follow through with recommendations for facilitating implementation and ongoing evaluation of the approved vocational rehabilitation plan.

Work place assessment

On-site workplace visits assess job requirements, work environment, work tasks, physical and mental health demands of the employment. This is achieved by observation and demonstration of the employee at the work site and all pertinent aspects of the job are identified. The analysis is documented in written format or by audio/video means. A written analysis and recommendations are compiled and submitted to the employer and employee.

Return to work plan

This plan is negotiated and agreed by all parties involved in the clients’ rehabilitation programme. It includes timeframes, actions and responsibilities. There are fixed review points to evaluate and monitor the progress and outcomes of the individual. The return to work plan is often phased to facilitate a positive and smooth transition back into the place of work.